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Read More. Leon August 3, Gustav Holst. Ottorino Respighi. Various Artists. It actually hit the Top 75! Tomita says that this is his favourite album. It was presented to his daughter on her marriage. ClassicalElectronic. Isao Tomita. Billy Joel. In the context of the Counterreformation, they were part of the propaganda arsenal of papal might. The architecture of Bernini and Borromini, as well as the musiche of Mazzocchi and Rossi, echoing in the private apartments of the cardinals and the accademie, where the elite of Rome congregated to enjoy music and poetry, bear witness to this trend.

Fred JacobsJohannette Zomer. ClassicalSoundtrack. Charles Gerhardt. Now being re-released on SACD, these masterful recordings are finally able to be heard as they were recorded — on multiple channels. Leon January 18, Anton Bruckner — Symphony no. Florian with its famous Stift, where Bruckner, first as a choirboy and later as a mature musician, found the much-needed distance from the workaday world to play the extremely beautiful organ and lastly Linz.

Anton Bruckner. Classical Gustav Holst. Classical Ottorino Respighi. Classical Various Artists. ClassicalElectronic Isao Tomita. Classical Billy Joel.

Classical Fred JacobsJohannette Zomer. ClassicalSoundtrack Charles Gerhardt. Classical Anton Bruckner.They spout annoying, misleading drivel that has no basis in reality whatsoever. FLAC is an audio encoding format. This is inarguably a good thing. Lossless is the word of the year or last 3 among audiophiles, but the implications of lossless have been twisted and manipulated in ways that are just not factually supported.

Yes, FLAC is awesome. First, it does everything WAV does lossless audiobut in a much smaller package WAV is extremely inefficient in its use of space. Otherwise, same juice, different label. This gets us to why FLAC is awesome. Many audiophiles — rightly — love FLAC for this reason. That MP3 then gets sent to a friend of yours, who burns it on a CD. More data lost probably a fair bit, too. Your friend loses the digital original, and re-rips the MP3 from the CD to give it to a friend — by now, there is a very noticeable loss in audio quality in the file.

Errors and irregularities have started popping up, and in the strictly archival sense, the song is now basically worthless as a record of the original. The reason most audiophiles like FLAC has very little to do with the actual quality of the audio. Not only is it objectively unsupported, it makes you look like kind of an asshole. How many musicians and audio engineers do you see boasting about the sonic superiority of FLAC audio?

bones uk flac

Basically none. All of the stuff that matters — the studio, the ungodly-expensive recording equipment, microphones, amplifiers, the engineer on the soundboard, the technique of the recording artist, the headphones the engineer wears when he does the mix — these are immeasurably more important to sound quality than a file format. The file format only matters in one situation: when it audibly distorts or degrades the recording. General consensus seems to be that this happens at or around Kbps when using MP3, but this greatly depends on your ears.

Anything above that generally will not provide noticeable improvement for most people using most sound equipment. There are a sizable percentage of persons who may benefit from Kbps given their listening equipment or hearing, and an infinitesimal group that might hear a difference at Kbps or Kbps though I tend to seriously doubt those people, that or they have extraordinary hearing.

Even if there are people out there who could hear the difference — legitimately — between FLAC and Kbps, common sense should tell you that you are almost definitely not one of those people. But when it comes to what you hear?

IQ - Live on the Road of Bones [2CD Live] (2015)

And at that point, even if the end product is better, you reach a level of diminishing returns that make such investments unwise for most people unless you have the money to burn. Still, equipment is bar-none the best way to improve the quality of your sound. Equipment is like the engine and ignition components of your car — audio format is like the brand of gasoline you use. If you want your music to sound better, there are a few investments worth making.

Next, buy a good headphone amplifier or, if you use speakers, a solid stereo amp. Here are my suggestions:. The most important equipment, of course, is that which emits the sound. Here are a few headphone recommendations I can offer. I was just browsing around the web and found this article.This is going to take a bit of time and I want to make sure I am making the correct choice.

I am an apple user so that is obviously a pro for ALAC. ALAC obviously is a native format for Apple products. Technically they are both lossless formats and should be indistiguishable upon playback. It may take a little longer, but it will save some frustration of having to do it again for some CDs. ALAC it is. Thank you for the confirmation.

Both achieve a similar end by very similar means and there are absolutely no quality pros or cons that I am aware of. Otherwise I think most all replay environments support both and so it is probably moot. If the sytem path you currently own will accept the iTunes app and that is all you intend to use it for, you are good-to-go. I have been using it this way for many years, and I've been happy, but new higher resolution formats FLAC are here and are much more widly accepted.

So I'm keeping an open mind for the future. FLAC can handle resolutions from 16 bit at Shame on Apple. While you can take a standard CD and encode it FLAC, but you won't get any higher resolution than where you started from. Unless Apple gets on-board with the times, I will eventuall migrate to the higher resolution format. Currently that's not the case.

Stevenm wrote:. That is not correct. However, it is a one-way process. This has been reported to Apple but it appears it is not a bug but a deliberate decision on their part.Prostate cancer can sometimes spread from the prostate to the bones, which is known as bone metastasis. Although there is no cure for bone metastases, treatment can help relieve symptoms and extend life.

Metastasis is the term for cancer spreading to other parts of the body. Although prostate cancer can spread to any part of the body, it most commonly goes to the bones. Even when cancer has spread from the prostate to the bones, doctors still refer to it as prostate cancer rather than bone cancer. When treating bone metastases, doctors aim to minimize any further spreading of cancer and relieve pain and other symptoms. In this article, we discuss the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer and bone metastases.

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We also cover treatment options for bone metastases, side effects of treatment, and survival rates. Early prostate cancer often has no symptoms.

IQ - Live on the Road of Bones [2CD Live] (2015)

Once cancer has spread beyond the prostate, doctors refer to it as advanced prostate cancer. Although many of these symptoms can occur due to conditions other than prostate cancer, anyone who experiences them should see a doctor for an evaluation. Bone metastasis can cause bones to release their calcium into the bloodstream, resulting in high levels of calcium building up in the blood. This condition is known as hypercalcemia. Untreated hypercalcemia can be very dangerous, and symptoms may include:.

People who experience any of these symptoms should see a doctor immediately. Treating bone metastases early on can help prevent further complications. Treatment for bone metastasis can help relieve pain and prevent complications.

A doctor will work with the individual to develop a suitable treatment plan. Bisphosphonates can also reduce the side effects of hormone therapy, which some people may receive to treat their prostate cancer. Zoledronic acid Zometa is the bisphosphonate that doctors most commonly prescribe for people with prostate cancer.

They usually administer this drug by intravenous injection every 3 to 4 weeks. Denosumab, which has the brand names Xgeva and Prolia, is another drug that reduces bone loss.Or browse results titled :.

Contact Fuzz Club Records. Streaming and Download help. Report this album or account. If you like Throw Down Bones, you may also like:.

bones uk flac

Alex Maas is what drew my attention to this project, it turned out to be quite a wonderful album. Abnormal Listening Habits.

Drone Head by The Janitors. Occult Architecture Vol. I've got to be honest and say that Vol 1 doesn't really engage me the way Vol 2 does. Vol1 sounds a bit like they are on autopilot and Vol 2 is where they stretch out into new and interesting areas. Buy it anyway. Moon Duo is always nice on the turntable no matter which album it is even though this is not their best.

Motion by Squaring Circles. Songs For Knotty by Ishmael Ensemble.

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Que Jue? The Colombian tropical master demonstrates his percussive prowess once again on these ten, sprightly cumbia tracks. Undulations by Puscha.

An icy, immersive ambient track from Puscha, where synths clang like church chimes and howl like wind. Explore music. Emanuel Schuster. İoannis DK.

Flac download BONES UK - UNPLUGGED (2020) FLAC music Lossless

Thomas Blackburn. Chris Diehn.

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Giorgos Apostolidis. Renaud Lavigne. David Perrot. Michael Petz. John Martin. Bushwick Garage.Because of the bone-weakening effects of menopause, 1 out of 2 women over the age of 50 will have a fracture related to osteoporosis. Men are also more likely to fracture a bone as they age. Your FRAX score is your risk of having an osteoporosis-related fracture in the next 10 years. The loss of bone mass makes them weaker and more likely to break if you fall or are otherwise injured.

The Kinks - To The Bone FLAC album

During the test, you lie down and a scanner passes over your body. Some tests measure the BMD of the entire skeleton. Other types of DEXA scans check a few bones, such as the hips, wrist, and spine.

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A BMD test can only give you an idea of how much weaker your bones have become. A FRAX score can give you a better idea of your risk. The FRAX questionnaire includes only 12 items. Each one, though, represents an important osteoporosis risk factor.

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The factors include:. After you or your doctor fills in all your information on the questionnaire, your FRAX score will be calculated. Your score is then plotted on a graph that suggests whether you should get treatment or make lifestyle changes to manage your risk.

A FRAX score of more than 5 percent for a hip fracture, at age 70 and beyond, means you should consider treatment along with lifestyle changes. You will also be advised to reduce your fall risk in several ways. This means making your home safer by:. More aggressive treatment usually includes a type of medication called bisphosphonates, such as alendronate Fosamax and ibandronate Boniva.

Long-term use of these medications is associated with several serious side effects, including fractures and jawbone deterioration. Other drugs may be used, such as denosumab Prolia or zoledronic Reclastwhich are given by injection. Estrogen-replacement therapy for women and testosterone therapy for men are also used to treat osteoporosis.

Usually these hormone-related therapies accompany other treatments and lifestyle improvements.

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Some items on the FRAX score list of risk factors are manageable. You can lower your score and your risk right away by quitting cigarettes and cutting back on your alcohol consumption. Getting more exerciseincluding weight-bearing activities, is helpful too.

In general, a bone density test is recommended for women starting at age 65 and men at age However, your doctor may suggest one earlier if you have a personal history of fractures or a family history of bone problems. If it looks like your risk of an osteoporotic fracture is high in the next few years, talk with your doctor about medications, supplements, lifestyle changes, and anything else you can do to reduce your risk and protect yourself from a potentially life-altering fracture.

To diagnose osteoporosis, doctors will perform physical exams, ask questions about your medical history and symptoms, and test your bone mineral…. Find out what it is, the benefits of getting it, and other things to think about here.

If you have osteoporosis, diet plays a vital role in managing your condition. As you probably already know, regular appointments with your doctor are important part of managing and treating osteoporosis. Learn what you should…. Learn seven common myths about osteoporosis and bone health, dispelled by bone health expert Dr. Deborah Sellmeyer. Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more.

bones uk flac

Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking more…. You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment.Or browse results titled :. Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Gary Bartz by Hsiao-Ron Cheng. Tracklist Past Shows Share this Show. The iconic JRPG has inspired everything from hard-hitting hip-hop to reverb-heavy vaporwave. For all its digital effects and carefully manipulated textures, the core of "Forever" is its broken human heart. Durham, North Carolina.

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Bones (UK) - Happy - Live @ JBTV

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bones uk flac

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